Why Nourish and Nibbs Healthy Snacks?

We Make It Easier to Snack Right and Eat Well (Healthful and Helpful to all)

We support you by bringing simplicity and ease to healthy munching. Our snacks are familiar, comforting, heartful and healthful. Rest assured our snacks are fresh, natural and nutritious.

We are the first snacking company in Malaysia to insist that all our products meet high whole foods plant-based standards and taste natural. Our snacks spend hours in the food dehydrator at very low temperature to preserve its nutrient which makes them compliant with the raw food method. Not to brag, our natural nuts and seeds are different from the regular store bought ones and we do not use oil, sugar, food additives, or preservatives, and little to none salt. Our nuts and seeds are soaked for hours to sprout, also known as activating its essential nutrients and removing the natural enzyme inhibitors for optional nutrient absorption after consuming. 

We are recognised by like minded whole food plant-based meals provider, plant based doctors, nutritionist and health and wellness coaches. Nourish and Nibbs collaborate with reputable common mission partners such as the PB Health, myVeganuari, Malaysia Vegetarian Society, the Plant-Based Malaysia Support Group and Zero Waste Malaysia.

We do so much more than producing healthy snacks for you at Nourish and Nibbs. We will be your support group and cheering squad, connecting you to real humans in a supportive community of people struggling with the same challenges and people who can help you stay on track in your plant-based journey.

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